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Articles by Leonard Orr

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Conscious Energy Breathing and Basic Self Healing Ideas


Conscious energy breathing is an art and a science. It has been called spiritual breathing, intuitive breathing, conscious connected breathing, and rebirthing breathwork.

It also has been called a biological experience of God. It is very simple and easy to do, especially in the presence of a well trained, experienced, breathing guide. When we connect the inhale with the exhale, we are experiencing the duality of the inhale and the exhale in unity. When we experience merging of the inner breath with the outer breath, we are experiencing another duality in unity. It is this unity that is the biological experience of God, Infinite Being, or Divine Energy. This is the essence of life itself. This essence is also the space between our thoughts. It is the thinker, which is the source of our thoughts ... read more

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The Goals of the First Ten Rebirthing Breathwork Sessions

  1. Rebirthing or Conscious Connected Intuitive Breathing is learning to breathe energy (prana) as well as air. To have this ability available to us is the basic, most important goal of the first ten sessions. Ten 2 to 3-hour sessions is the responsible way to teach Rebirthing Breathwork.

  2. Get past physiological drama.

  3. Get past tetany (body cramping).

  4. Get past psychological and emotional drama.

  5. Experience the merging of the inner breath and the outer breath (breathing from the Breath Itself).  ... read more


Intelligent Energy


Energy becomes what it thinks about. This is the most basic truth about Life. If you really understand these words, you are spiritually enlightened. Energy becomes what it thinks about. Energy is the Source of all things. Energy is Infinite Being, the Eternal Spirit; Energy is Substance. Energy is God. But Energy is evenly distributed throughout space and time. It just exists and doesn’t do anything. Energy just is! However, thinking is a quality of Energy and moves Energy. When Energy becomes impregnated by thought, Energy organizes Itself into the form directed by the thought – which may be a physical thing. Energy naturally becomes what it thinks about. Energy directed by thought can materialize into physical things, social realities, or personal feelings ... read more


If You Stop Breathing You Die


If you hold your breath for a few minutes, just one breath becomes the most valuable thing in the world. Therefore learning how to breathe better might be the most important thing that we can do with our money. And yet people spend $1000, which is a couple of car payments or rent payments, and never think of investing $1000 in improving their breathing ability, which they can use for the rest of their lives. Breathworkers deserve $100 per session because they sometimes take 2 hours or more. Most health professionals charge $50 to $150 per hour and give less value. Conscious Breathing tunes us into the Breath of Life. It enables us to contact the headwaters of our Life-stream, which is the Breath of Life Itself. Learning the ability to breathe Energy as well as air has all kinds of practical values: it improves our ... read more

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The Unconscious Death Urge


The death urge is a psychic entity that usually overcomes the rational mind and splits the body off from the Eternal spirit and destroys it. The physical body without the eternal aliveness of Life Itself becomes stiffer – more solid – until the Spirit drops it to become dust. 

The Bible calls the rational mind the great adulterer which seduces us away from the Spirit, which is ultimate reality beyond the mind and the Source of the mind. The mind can go 100 miles per hour, but the body cannot until it becomes a light body. The subtle currents of physical death urge elude the mind in its pursuit of worldly success or divine service (which is just another form of worldly success) until it is too late to change the habits we are in bondage to. The basic habits that kill most people are too obvious to mention: ... read more

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The Peace of God Plus


After we have mastered the basic practices with the 5 elements thoroughly enough so that the Peace of God becomes our normal state (which may take ten years of practice – more or less), there is nothing else to do with our life, but to think about philosophy, to create and evolve philosophies about everything, to write them, discuss them, and experiment with our great ideas. The mind has an infinite, eternal hunger for great ideas. And there is nothing to do but play, to enjoy life, to make money. Beyond peace, life is a matter of artistic expression. When we enter the peace of God, we also enter the realm of co-creatorship, which is the life of God as artistic expression. In this realm there is no need, no urgency, no demands, and no stress or pressure. There is only freedom, joy, satisfaction, and goodness. Evil and crime ... read more

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The Invincible Rebirthers


The state of transcendence resurrects the health of the body, organizes it, or reorganizes it. This has been studied scientifically by biologists. Eternal Life Energy keeps the organism organized. Death is caused by disorganization in the organism as Life Energy weakens. Organization and disorganization is determined by the dominant emotional structures of thought and the quality of our spiritual purification practices which maintain our Life Energy. If we have enough Life Energy, we can overcome and heal negative emotions and thought structures. Energy precedes mind. Energy succeeds mind. Babaji, in His 8000 year old body in the Goraknath Shatkam – a Scripture dated around 1500 AD, says that the body filled with Life Energy lives forever and that the body that loses its energy dies. He recommends ... read more

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We are Spirit or Energy, Mind, and Body. Energy is always perfect, whole, and transcendent. The question of quality doesn’t arise for our Infinite Energy Source. It is always high quality Infinite Eternal Life – Energy evenly distributed throughout space and time. Therefore the question of quality only applies to the realms of mind and body. Mind not only refers to the present conscious thought, but to the complexities of the emotional mind, to our environment and political economic situation and how it interplays on our feelings and thoughts. Perhaps the biggest impact on our mind is family conditioning, but the history of our soul also eventually makes itself known. I just gave a Rebirthing and Spiritual Purification training in Brazil. I tried to give each trainee an experience of the Eternal Sadhana of earth, ... read more

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The Living Earth


Every year I like to write an article on one page or as brief as possible on the idea of physical immortality. You may not think that this has much to do with the living earth, but as you will see, it has everything to do with the living earth. Earth, world, universe, planet are words which can be interchangeable or have separate meanings. This living planet is composed of earth, air, water, and fire. This planet is as much a living intelligent Being as any human. Its intelligence functions somewhat different than humans, but the earth planet has intelligence and a whole integral awareness. Just look at dirt. We may not think that dirt has intelligence, but steel, gold, homes, cars, computers, and all our food and our bodies are dependent upon the intelligence in earth. Night and day is dependent upon its orderly movement. The human ... read more


The Body Meditation


IT IS wonderful to have a physical body! It is marvelous to be and feel a part of the physical universe. The human body is the highest expression of God in the Universe. The body is liquids, gases and solids. It is amazing and beautiful! We can walk, run, and dance. We have systems like the respiratory, nervous, circulatory, digestive, skeletal system, a healing system, etc! We have a sexual system capable of intense pleasure! We have sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell, and speech! The human body is brilliantly designed. It functions very efficiently in its infinite complexity! It can heal itself! It already does, every day, and is patterned for Life! It is designed for continual renewal and rejuvenation when it receives proper attention and support. God loves our body as well as our soul. ... read more

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