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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rebirthing Breathwork?

Rebirthing Breathwork is a healing modality that uses conscious connected breathing which induces deep relaxation and an expanded state of consciousness. The founder Leonard Orr developed and taught this method to be used in individual sessions with a trained Rebirthing Breathwork practitioner


When the body feels safe, the mind feels safe. The presence of the facilitator adds another level of safety. The altered state of consciousness allows for a more expanded perspective with added objectivity and neutrality. This combination allows the person to feel safe enough so that unresolved emotions and memories come to the surface. Breathing moves energy and transforms whatever sensations and feelings arise. By the end of the session, most people experience deep peace, wellbeing and clarity.

How does Rebirthing compare to other forms of breathwork?

RB is most commonly used for healing trauma, especially early childhood trauma. RB can also heal on the physical, mental, spiritual, and energetic levels.


The focus is on relaxing and breathing. The intelligence of the body and breath combine with the flow of prana to cleanse and balance the body, mind and spirit. The main instruction is to breathe through challenging emotions, traumatic memories and body sensations to achieve a state of peace and bliss. 


While cathartic release can happen, it is not the goal. There is a natural energy cycle that happens. RB also focuses on breathing until you feel “complete” with that cycle. 


There are many forms of breathwork and each has a specific purpose. For example, “box breathing” is used for calming, “Wim Hof” is used for body mastery and strength, “breath of fire” is used to generate heat in the body.


What makes Rebirthing work?

Connected breathing induces relaxation, relaxation produces a sense of safety which allows for unresolved material to come to the surface. The breath moves energy and transforms the feelings and sensations into peace.


What are the results?


According to the founder Leonard Orr, the results of RB are peace, healing and integration.


This can take many forms. RB works with the individual's intention for their wellness and healing. This can encompass all levels: emotional, physical, energetic, spiritual and mental.

The most commonly reported result after a session is: “I’ve never felt this much peace and relaxation before.”


Overall, RB significantly improves our quality of life.


Results and benefits include, but are not limited to: 


Increased clarity, joy and vitality through releasing everyday stress and tension 

Deep relaxation and calm


Nervous system regulation

Gentle yet powerful release of trauma and suppressed emotions that compromise health and hold us back

Understanding and releasing early childhood and birth imprints, patterns and memories

Deep insights and intuitive guidance from the inside

Connecting with the deepest parts of ourselves and the Divine - the Oneness experience

Moving through energetic and physical blocks

Liberating the breathing mechanism from shallow, inhibited breathing patterns  

Super-oxygenating the body and alkalizing the blood


Is RB compatible with other modalities or therapies?

Yes, RB works well with all other healing modalities. It is recommended to speak with your practitioners about the timing when scheduling different modalities.

For example you may not want to receive a RB session the same day as acupuncture but may want to have a massage before or after. Healing sessions take different amounts of time to integrate.


Is Rebirthing Breathwork the same as hyperventilation? 

No. Hyperventilation is an example of how the body will try to use the breath to process and heal anxiety and panic. If we consider most people’s shallow breathing to be sub-ventilation, then Rebirthing can be described as Super-ventilation, not Hyper-ventilation.


How long does a Rebirthing Breathwork session take?


A typical RB session is 90 minutes. But it can last anywhere between 45 minutes and 2 hours or more. It is good to have at least a 2 hour window for your appointment.

How do I prepare for my first breathwork session?

The best advice is to have an open mind. Remember that any feelings and sensations that arise during the session are temporary.


As long as you continue to breathe in a connected manner, they will transform, dissolve and resolve.


Can I do this on my own?

It is recommended to do 10 sessions with a trained professional before trying it on your own. This work can be psychologically and emotionally powerful and can surprise clients with its depth. Therefore, it is very helpful to receive the full attention of a skilled facilitator. RB is a valuable tool that can assist you for the rest of your life. It is like learning to fly an airplane: you work with an instructor until you can do it on your own.


What is the difference between group sessions and individual sessions?

Leonard Orr taught the value of individual sessions, and that people need and deserve the focused attention that is provided in a one on one session.


Some people get value from groups and other people prefer individual sessions. It is a personal preference. 


We recommend that beginners start with individual sessions because of the high quality support during the entire experience. 


Are there contraindications that I should be aware of?


No. However, if you have medical concerns, speak with your medical professional before doing RB. Deep breathing is one of the body's natural healing mechanisms and will meet you where you are to assist with your wellness.


What is tetany?

Tetany is a tingling or buzzing sensation that sometimes happens during a RB session. It is frequently felt in the hands and face but can be felt anywhere in the body. It is safe and it passes. Leonard said that it is stored tension being released from the body. It is not a necessary component of a successful session. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it is strong and causes the parts of the body to feel stuck while other times it is gentle and soft. The Breather is encouraged to relax into it and remember that it is temporary.


Does Rebirthing Breathwork help with anxiety?


Yes. Deep relaxation is a key element of RB. Rebirthing activates the parasympathetic nervous system which brings about a state of balance and restoration. RB can help the nervous system reset, retrain and heal by discharging tension. RB is effective for accessing and resolving the root causes of anxiety. Most people experience a deep calm and relaxation on all levels by the end of their session.


Can I do Rebirthing Breathwork while taking an SSRI?

RB is safe if you are taking an SSRI. RB is an effective tool to help heal and release the emotions that the SSRI is helping to manage. You may safely go deeper into the feelings with RB, which is a long term solution to addressing depression. Rebirthing can also be used (in conjunction with your doctor’s advice) to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms and detox the body if you are tapering off of an SSRI. 


Can Rebirthing Breathwork help with asthma? 

Yes. RB can help with asthma. If you have asthma, speak to your Rebirthing practitioner about it. They can help support you through whatever comes up. Sometimes anti-life thoughts and feelings can arise for people who have asthma. It is important to balance the mind through positive affirmations and other tools. Asthma can also be connected to grief and RB is an effective tool to heal grief. It is recommended to have your inhaler handy during the session so you can feel safe exploring the sensation of the asthma, should it come up.

Can RB help with addiction?

RB is effective in addressing many of the underlying causes of addiction.

Can I do Rebirthing Breathwork while pregnant? 

Yes. Sessions tend to be gentler and shorter. It is safe to do RB at any point during pregnancy. When we heal our own birth trauma, it helps prevent passing it on to our own children.


Can children do Rebirthing Breathwork? 

Yes. Children can have fun with RB. They should never be coerced into it. It is important that it is their decision to try it. Children’s sessions tend to be shorter than for adults. Teaching children the “20 connected breaths” exercise is a great place to start. Because of parental projections and potential enmeshment, it is best if at least one parent has gone through a facilitated RB process before their minor child.


Can infants experience and benefit from this work? 

Yes. This requires two Rebirthers. One for the infant and one for the parent. They are connected energetically and go through the process together. This is delicate and more advanced and requires a high level professional Rebirther with experience. It is common for the infant to discharge strong emotions through crying or screaming, and then relax completely.

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