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The Living Earth

by Leonard Orr

Every year I like to write an article on one page or as brief as possible on the idea of physical immortality. You may not think that this has much to do with the living earth, but as you will see, it has everything to do with the living earth.

Earth, world, universe, planet are words which can be interchangeable or have separate meanings. This living planet is composed of earth, air, water, and fire. This planet is as much a living intelligent Being as any human. Its intelligence functions somewhat different than humans, but the earth planet has intelligence and a whole integral awareness. Just look at dirt. We may not think that dirt has intelligence, but steel, gold, homes, cars, computers, and all our food and our bodies are dependent upon the intelligence in earth. Night and day is dependent upon its orderly movement.

The human body is composed of the same earth, air, water,and fire intelligently interacting. In fact, if the body and the earth didn't have more intelligence than most people, we wouldn't live even 10% as long as we do. So when is the human species going to catch up with the intelligence of the earth and physical body? 

Orthodox religions have not realized in thousands of years that the body takes care of the soul a lot better than the mind does. In fact, the mind is the most dangerous influence on both the soul and the body. The human mind creates all the problems which both the body and the earth have to deal with.

When will we learn to respect our intelligent living body and our living earth - Mother Nature.

Here is the thing we can think about this year. If our body is earth , air, water , and fire, and our planet is earth, water, air, and fire, and we plan on destroying our body with physical death, then why shouldn't our living earth help us destroy human bodies with natural disasters. In other words, does the unconscious death urge in humans cause natural disasters?

If in fact the unconscious death urge in humans - the mass mind - causes natural disasters, then we can prevent such disasters by healing the death urge in people. Can or could the floods and fires in Australia be prevented? Could the earthquake in Japan be prevented? Can we prevent the disasters still coming by spreading the idea of physical immortality? And can we predict natural disasters by measuring the death urge? One of the amazing things about God and Mother Nature is their mercy and patience. In the 70s, the Japan earthquake was predicted before 2000, it is behind schedule. Even Bhartriji predicted that 90% of the population would be destroyed by 2010. It didn't happen. Maybe because of the relative success of the rebirthing movement. Don't get complacent, we still require a few million rebirthers to create heaven on earth - the age of truth. What may be amazing about the Japan disaster is that over 500,000 people lost their homes, but only about 1% were killed, maybe 2%. The rest are getting a spiritual purification training involuntarily. This will lighten the death urge for some and make others lust for death.

Mother earth is so patient and merciful. And she is making her message very clear.

An economist told me that the average life of a Fortune 500 company is 40 years. It seems that even huge corporations with hundreds of millions of dollars in income every year get destroyed by the death urge of the founders, the managers, the employees, and the stockholders. Physical immortality philosophy has tremendous commercial potential and relevance. It is basic for personal health, happiness, and success in every area of life.

And yet people usually put their physical immortality affirmations down after they read them everyday in my 9-Day Training and never look at them again, let alone make 100 copies to give to friends. So it looks to me like i am the only one who really cares about your body and our earth???

Maybe the ideas of physical immortality is central to business success as well as our health and happiness and the well being of our planet.

If this is true, then the life urge of the leaders of all ecological organizations is the main point and without this, the organizations are all doomed to fail. If this is true, we should never elect old men or women who have a death urge to political office. Obama is made stiff by EEP and Michele is getting fat from EEP and lack of spiritual purification.

If this is true, common sense leads us to the conclusion that healing the death urge is the first order of business for each of us everyday. And this is done by entering the transcendental state which means practicing the presence of god which means the space between our thoughts. We have to keep healing it everyday because we keep getting re-injected by our deathist friends, relatives and strangers we meet everyday.

What is the death urge?

The death urge is any anti-life thought. It is the belief that death is inevitable and beyond our control. It is the idea that the cause of death is outside of ourselves. Why not realize that we all are responsible for our own death? We may not be able to control everything but we can mostly control death. It may be the easiest thing to control. It seems that everyone controls their own death.

The death urge is a complex of thoughts and habits that are transmitted by family traditions. All life insurance companies are based on this truth and are betting that you will die at approximately the same age and symptoms as your parent of the same sex. But there are exceptions. How do we become an exception?

Through fifty years of research, i have noticed that it takes more than changing our beliefs and philosophies to become immortal. I noticed that even people who write books about physical immortality usually die before 100 years.

So what is the secret of physical immortality? And to personal extinction?

The three basic causes of death are ignoring our natural divinity, EEP, the negative emotional mind, including the death urge, and poor diet. Eating dead animals kills more people than alcohol, drugs, and smoking combined. It doesn't take much intelligence to figure this out. Even medical researchers have done it.

I went to India to study actual immortal yogis who have to be at least 300 years in the same body to qualify for my research.

What i found surprised me. I discovered the there are six basic secrets of the immortals and that they are all simple and pleasurable and easy to do. I learned that to become an immortal is easier than running a business or raising children through college, but it takes the same kind of focus and discipline.

They are:

  1. Mind. We have to upgrade the quality of our thoughts and feelings. Using a mantra which is simply a high quality thought that is clearly identified and used to improve the quality of the 50,000 thoughts which we have everyday. Happiness is just having pleasant thoughts most of the time. Using a high quality mantra 25,000 times a day is a good use of our time and can be an instant source of eternal pleasure. By definition, it has to be a high quality thought which is a continuous source of pleasure , creativity and freedom. A high quality life is created by a high quality mind. Our feelings and our habits are created by the quality of our thoughts. This is basic.

  2. Earth. This is our quality of our diet and lifestyle. Eating dead animals kills more people through heart disease, cancer, kidney disease, etc than drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol combined. And what is the point of having a physical body if we don't use it enough - exercise - to stay alive? Music , sound, body massage, dance, and other activities that enrich our life fit into the earth category of self improvement. Fasting one day per week is the most difficult, but if we do it , eating the other six days is at least twice as pleasurable.

  3. Air. Learning to breathe energy as well as air is the secret of the immortal yogis. It is the easiest and most powerful way to breathe.

  4. Water. Bathing twice per day is the way that these immortals keep their energy body clean and balanced. Perhaps indoor plumbing and warm water are the greatest gifts of our civilization, but this gift is useless if we don't use it for our spiritual purification.

  5. Fire. I noticed that these immortals use fire everyday. Through experimenting, i discovered that fire cleans and balances my energy body the way water bathing does, only it cleans different things than water does and is necessary to compliment water purification.

  6. Love. Immortals have harmonious relationships. It is not possible to love responsibly in a democracy without participation in politics.

We can see that the disciplines that keep us alive, happy, healthy, and productive are all pleasurable things to do. They are the disciplines of pleasure. Interesting that the things that produce eternal life are all pleasurable, and the neglect of these things make us miserable zombies, that love death. Life breads life, and misery breeds death.

So the secrets of the immortal yogis turned out to be simple and obvious.

The practices not only tend to dissolve the death urge that we learn from our family tradition, but also what we can get re-injected with in the process of daily participation in the world of other people who haven't healed their death urge. In other words, healing the death urge from our family tradition can be done by changing our mind and emotions, but we still must do enough daily spiritual purification to heal the input from participating in a deathist society.

Participating in politics is ridiculously easy. We only need a relationship with four people: our elected rep in the city, the county, the state level, and at the national level. You can begin by sending them this message every month until you get an intelligent and satisfying response. Make your note with it personal. And if you don't get a good enough response, go by their local office and get acquainted with their staff. Their staff determines what gets their attention. When you have this relationship, trust your personal connection to infinite intelligence to know what to teach them next to make them worthy to be your elected representative or through them out of office.

We only have to ask ourselves one question: is our mind and our body worth saving? This is the big one.

When we come out of the space between our thoughts 50,000 times per day, we determine the quality of our life and contribute for good or bad to the quality of everyone around us. Are we an eternal fountain of aliveness and prosperity or what?

What you do with information today may determine your well being on every level of your civilization. Is it up to you or God?

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