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The Leonard D. Orr Foundation, a nonprofit organization

In addition to discovering the therapeutic power of connected breathing and founding Rebirthing Breathwork International, Leonard Orr was also a visionary in many other areas of life, including responsible citizenship, government, economics, health, longevity / physical immortality, and personal prosperity.

The mission of the LDOF is to further Leonard’s educational work in all of these areas. We aim to make Leonard’s work as accessible as possible, to as many people as possible. In the course of his multi-decade career, he wrote more than 20 books, countless articles, pamphlets and treatises, as well as recorded numerous audios and videos. His unique ideas have helped many people experience deep healing and improved lives. 


The Foundation is currently holding a fundraiser to cover its start-up costs by selling items from Leonard’s estate. This is your opportunity to personally own something once owned by Leonard, while also helping to fund the Foundation. Over 100 items are available, at a wide range of prices.


Some of Leonard’s books are currently available through the LDOF website,, including his classic work on physical immortality: Breaking the Death Habit.


To be added to the Foundation email list, go to:

You can contact the Foundation directly at


The Leonard D. Orr Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in 2019 by Elvi Orr, Leonard’s widow, and Susan Alden, Leonard’s long-time student. 

We invite you to visit the Leonard D. Orr Foundation website















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