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Conscious Energy Breathing and Basic Self Healing Ideas

by Leonard Orr

Conscious energy breathing is an art and a science. It has been called spiritual breathing, intuitive breathing, conscious connected breathing, and rebirthing breathwork.

It also has been called a biological experience of God. It is very simple and easy to do, especially in the presence of a well trained, experienced, breathing guide. When we connect the inhale with the exhale, we are experiencing the duality of the inhale and the exhale in unity. When we experience merging of the inner breath with the outer breath, we are experiencing another duality in unity. It is this unity that is the biological experience of God, Infinite Being, or Divine Energy. This is the essence of life itself. This essence is also the space between our thoughts. It is the thinker, which is the source of our thoughts and everything in the universe. It is nearer to us than our very breath, and it is the source of the breath of life. The space between our thoughts is the infinite, eternal presence. The miracle of this simple connected breathing rhythm is that it brings this presence into the physical body, cleans, heals, and nourishes the body and also cleans and brings peace to the mind.

Most people have an experience during some of their first ten sessions in which their whole body is immersed into the source of life. They feel one with the universe. This is the oneness of duality that is called a biological experience of God. Spirit and matter are merged in a way that is very energizing and rejuvenating. Mind and body are integrated in a way that can almost be called a scientific experiment of spirit. It seems to happen to everyone. It is repeatable, verifiable, and predictable for most people. This is a physical experience of the unity of being. This experience that people have in completed energy cycles which involves spirit, mind, and body is what has enabled the practice of conscious energy breathing to spread around the world to many millions of people.

Conscious energy breathing is not information, it is an experience or series of at least 10 one to two-hour energy cycles that yield an ability. This ability is the ability to breathe energy as well as air. The ability is actually learned from the source of the breath itself. It is essential to have the total attention of the breathworker in individual personal sessions. The breathing guide assists the breather to contact this source. The role of breathworker seems to be essential to create a space that is safe enough for the student to have this experience. And the breathing guide has knowledge and experience that is also essential to gently guide a person’s breathing through a completed energy cycle. High quality personal, private energy cycles in a quiet, safe, and comfortable setting are the key. They are the essence of learning to breathe fully and freely. They produce peace and energy. The goal of each breathing session – each energy cycle – is relaxation and peace. The goal of each session is to keep breathing until we feel good. A normal completed energy cycle takes one to two hours. Our breathing is empowered by our natural divine energy.

A conscious energy breathing experience is an integration of spirit, mind, and body. Each session tends to be a spiritual experience, a mental and emotional experience, and a physical experience. The sessions enable us to feel whole and healthy. Some people feel totally loved in a unique way for the first time and their sessions naturally enables them to love more and to receive love more easily. Conscious breathing is good for relationships, especially when all members of the family are practicing gentle breathing rhythm and mastering the relaxation it provides.

When we practice gentle consciously breathing energy on a daily basis, we can start each day feeling good and being full of fresh, clean, pure, and peaceful life energy. 

Peace and energy is an unbeatable combination. Conscious energy breathing is the easiest source of relaxation and peace and powerful, healing life energy. Everyone who has learned it, loves it. It is as valuable as learning to think for ourselves or learning to eat or cook for ourselves. Learning this ability is easier than learning to ride a bicycle or drive a car or learning to swim. Energy breathing is our birthright as the children of God. Most people report that it is the most valuable self healing skill they have ever learned.

Breathing is the bridge between the visible and the invisible. Breathing is the basic source of all health and healing. Without efficient breathing, the body returns to dust, and is more susceptible to disease. Without breathing, we become invisible. Breathing is life. Learning conscious energy breathing is one of the most valuable and intelligent things we can do for ourselves – for our mental, emotional, and physical health. And yet it is the safest and most natural way of breathing. Actually, we are relearning to breathe the way newborn babies breathe.

Breathing energy fully, freely, and naturally is the way we started out breathing. You can observe this if you study the natural way that babies and young children breath. How did we lose it? 

Every negative experience and thought and feeling we have inhibits our breath more and more each year. In our society, we require breathing instruction long before we are teenagers. Scientific studies reveal that most people become zombies before the age of thirty. Then people lose the spirit of adventure and try to keep everything stable while they wait around to die. Maybe senility starts before the age of thirty. We haven’t learned how to cure zombie consciousness in our society. Our educational systems are not even thinking about it. They are too immersed in zombie and deathist mentality. Any negative experiences and thoughts we still have locked in our mind or body memories that are still inhibiting our breathing can be released by the connected breathing during a high quality energy cycle with a good breathing guide.

Many atheists and agnostics have learned conscious energy breathing. The surprising thing is some of them said,” I still don’t believe in God, but I experienced God and the oneness of the universe.” Others have said, “I am no longer an atheist.” It is pretty difficult to resist the definition of God as the space between our thoughts, and the source of our intelligence and the source of our every breath.

The breath is the bridge between the invisible and the visible. If we stop breathing we will become invisible. Breathing is the most natural way that we bring the power and beauty of the invisible spirit into visible reality. Breathing is the basic source of human life and health. Breathing is the basic spiritual, mental, and physical healing power. Maybe the only reason other methods of healing work is because the patient keeps breathing. Improving our breathing ability, many people say, is the most valuable personal healing skill they have ever learned.

Most great healers recommend better breathing, better diet, and colon cleansing as the first things to do when we are sick. They are basic. After doing these things, then if we are still sick, we can try other things.

The basic training for a breathing guide is to receive at least ten sessions and then to take at least three people through ten sessions. Being a breathing guide is very satisfying work. It involves watching divine energy moving in another’s body and facilitating this experience by intuitively guiding the breathing rhythm. The cardinal virtues of a breathworker is love, gentleness, intuition, and good communication.

The simple act of connected breathing is mystical and magical. It can be very powerful and healing. Breathing is relaxing. Relaxation is the absence of disease – of not being relaxed – dis-ease. Conscious connected energy breathing is the basic cure for the most popular disease, which is the stress and tension of everyday living. Conscious energy breathing can also manage or eliminate pain. Relaxation can heal the mind as well as the body.

Conscious connected energy breathing is an ability anyone can learn. Children can also learn it at any age. Giving completed energy cycles to infants during their first year is special skill, but a few highly skilled breathworkers have learned how to do this. Naturally, we normally require the parents to do at least ten sessions before working with their babies and we prefer that the parents learn how to give sessions to their children by assisting the breathworker in each session given to their children. And we have also taught people in their 90’s. Most people can learn conscious energy breathing in at least ten two-hour sessions with a good, gentle, and intuitive breathing guide. It is so simple that many people have tried to teach themselves. This is a free world and everyone is welcome to try. Most if not all people get stuck at a certain point. They fall asleep, or space out. Some people experience the symptoms of the hyperventilation syndrome and become afraid. Completed energy cycles are important. Please be good to yourself and make it easy by finding a well trained and experienced breathing guide. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Those of us who have learned conscious energy breathing notice that having an objective external breathing guide is the best and most responsible way to learn this valuable skill. A breathing guide is a person who has had at least ten sessions and has received enough training to feel confident in guiding sessions for others. Most likely the breathing guide has taken many people safely through ten sessions already. Over ten million people have learned conscious breathing all over the planet. It is very popular, but only to people that know about it or have done it. Most people know about it through friends that have done it. Most people still don’t know about it. High quality breathworkers do little advertising because they usually have so many clients that they have to train their students to keep up with the demand.

Your first conscious energy breathing session
It usually takes one to three hours, which includes some time to talk before and after the completed energy cycle.

A high quality breathing guide does nothing but guide your breathing rhythm during the actual session. It may seem that they are doing nothing, but it takes experience, intuition, and wisdom, love, training, and self esteem to be a high quality breathing guide. Intuition cannot be taught or learned with words, it can only be discovered through lots of experience. Intuition here means the ability to see and facilitate the energy movement through accurate guidance with the breathing rhythm.

So talking is permitted before and after a breathing session, but during a session the goal is to only breathe in a gentle, intuitive, connected, and eventually conscious way.

Learning conscious breathing is the safest thing we can do. And most people who learn it say it is the most valuable thing they ever learned, comparable with learning to think for themselves, or preparing

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