Rebirthing Breathwork Certification Program

All prices subject to change. Food, lodging and travel not included in price of the training.

Level 1 – Foundations of Breathwork – 3-DAY (17 hours) – $495  


Foundations of Breathwork is experiential based and appropriate for people who want to explore the healing potential of Rebirthing. Participants will receive two guided Rebirthing sessions and will also have the opportunity to observe two Rebirthing sessions. The history of Rebirthing, along with the basics and benefits of Rebirthing will be discussed. Other topics include: Spiritual Purification, Affirmations and Beliefs and how these can shape and influence our lives.  


Level 2 – Self-healing through Breathwork – 5-DAY (31 hours) – $895 


Self-healing through Breathwork offers an expansive and integrative experience of Rebirthing Breathwork. This course provides participants a clear path to incorporate Rebirthing in their current practice. Participants will work with the elements of earth, air, water and fire, and Personal Law, as well as continue to study and integrate Affirmations and Beliefs and the causes of trauma (a.k.a. the Biggies). Anatomy and Physiology of the Breath will be covered in detail to help participants understand the science of the breath and its importance from a physical level. Participants will experience four Rebirthing sessions.   


Level 3 – Transformation with the Breath – 9-DAY – (59 hours) – $1390 


Interested in deepening your personal breathwork practice? Are you considering leading others in breathwork sessions? This workshop integrates material covered in Levels 1 and 2 with a focus on guiding and leading sessions for other people. Participants will have an opportunity to explore Prosperity Consciousness, as well as to implement Personal Law and Spiritual Purification practices. Participants will experience seven Rebirthing sessions.   


Level 4 – Certified Rebirthing Breathwork Professional Training – 3-DAY – (17 hours + yearlong ongoing support) – $1008 


Rebirthing Breathwork Advanced Practitioner Training focuses on the profession of Rebirthing, including client and community building, and the business of breathwork. Participants continue to refine their guidance in breathwork sessions as well as deepen their own connection with the breath. Completion of a Rebirthing Breathwork International One Year Seminar required. Participants will meet regularly in ongoing training sessions beyond this initial three-day course to support guiding clients through sessions. At the completion of this level, with all requirements met, participants will become certified Rebirthing Breathwork Professionals through Rebirthing Breathwork International (RBI).   


Level 5 – Becoming a Rebirthing Breathwork Trainer – 9-DAY – (31 hours) – $1008 


Prerequisite: Participants request approval after completing all coursework, objectives and independent study prior to registration.


Participation at this level provides an opportunity for Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioners to become Rebirthing Breathwork Trainers. Completion of a Rebirthing Breathwork International One Year Seminar required as well as facilitating a seminar as part of the leadership team. Participants in this course will receive mentoring and advanced training regarding the business of breathwork and body mastery. Participants will experience seven Rebirthing sessions.