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by Leonard Orr

We are Spirit or Energy, Mind, and Body. Energy is always perfect, whole, and transcendent. The question of quality doesn’t arise for our Infinite Energy Source. It is always high quality Infinite Eternal Life – Energy evenly distributed throughout space and time. Therefore the question of quality only applies to the realms of mind and body. 

Mind not only refers to the present conscious thought, but to the complexities of the emotional mind, to our environment and political economic situation and how it interplays on our feelings and thoughts. Perhaps the biggest impact on our mind is family conditioning, but the history of our soul also eventually makes itself known. 

I just gave a Rebirthing and Spiritual Purification training in Brazil. I tried to give each trainee an experience of the Eternal Sadhana of earth, air, water, and fire. Some of the trainees are moving toward mastery of one or two of the elements, but none of them mastered all four enough to achieve victory over their own mind and body. If none of the trainees follow up with more training with me to complete their learning enough about the elements as well as achieve enough liberation in their emotional mind, they will all die and stay on the karmic wheel of death and reincarnation. 

This raises the question of quality. It was not possible to give them more in one training. But if one of them spends enough time with me to master the basics of spiritual purification, learns how to clean and balance their energy body, and has the will to keep their thoughts on the Divine Path, eternal life and mastery is easy as a natural result.

Physical immortality is the natural, normal result of a mind and body filled with happiness, wisdom, and aliveness. It is a body – mind filled with Infinite, Eternal Life Energy. Having a thorough physical immortality philosophy is basic to personal mastery but it is only the beginning.

There is no mind mastery worth having until transcendence is our personal law. Spiritual liberation is only a theory until we have a liberated colon. Some people may think they have a liberated colon because they don’t even know what it means. It is a happy healthy state that is one of the by-products of winning the spiritual purification game. 

It is possible to know all the practices of spiritual purification intellectually and even to lead seminars and trainings about them and still not know what it means to win the spiritual purification game and practice truth, simplicity, and love.

Until we are actually winning the spiritual purification game, physical immortality is not even desirable. It is just another orthodox religion. Being a priest in the Catholic Church doesn’t make one equal to Jesus Christ. Being an MD doesn’t make one a healer. Physical immortality without spiritual purification is perpetual pain and misery. Physical death looks like the only reliable escape to orthodox Rebirthers like it does to the average unconscious slob.

Missing one element of the basics of the science of aliveness kills many, many people. Low quality trainings can costs the lives of thousands and can keep a whole country in darkness for centuries. Our work as Rebirthers – Breathworkers and spiritual purification trainers is the Light of Life which lifts people out of the darkness of ignorance and death. But our work has to be constantly improved until the quality of it is adequate to give a complete foundation of spiritual practices that enable them to heal themselves and to practice the Presence of God enough to save themselves. 

Only immortal yogis can give everlasting life to others. They teach it by sowing seeds of knowledge into our souls. When one seed bears fruit, then they can sow another. It takes as many lifetimes as necessary to learn and build a strong enough foundation with the basic practices to achieve mastery, unless we are willing to learn it all in one lifetime. 

The words are simple: mantra yoga, earth, air, water, fire, love, rest, and Babaji. But the spiritual power and mastery of these words takes experience and wisdom. The emotional mind of some people has a rebellion principle that automatically causes them to reject the truth and the simplicity of mastery that can be achieved from the spiritual practices. 

This rebellion personality is complicated to heal. Some people make simple things complicated. We have to master fire as well as we drive a car. We have to master correct diet as well as we master eating. The proper discipline of breathing in the bathtub can keep us in the transcendence of Energy until we have mastered everything else. 

At some points in our life, to save ourselves, we have to be very careful how we use our time. At other times, we can squander it with abandon because we are living in total grace and our heart is so pure that we can subjectively live in perfect liberty. How much spiritual purification is enough to give us Everlasting Life insurance? When does the lack of spiritual practices produce certain death? 

I am usually able to return to a country until I get high quality work established. Most trainers cannot survive without support. I don’t only train one person and then watch them be eaten by the world. I build an environment of support to survive. In many countries, my students go before me and make it easier for me and everyone. How much quality is enough? What does this quality look like? The training I’m talking about is multi facetted. Life is a big game. Everlasting Life in human civilization is a bigger game. 

I appreciate indoor plumbing and warm water. Think how difficult our work would be 200 years ago. We actually do live in a high quality civilization, but we need to use TV to find the people ready for our seeds. We need to teach people who already have a fireplace and a bathtub what they are for. We also need to teach people citizenship responsibility and how to prevent the ultimate destruction of natural resources and quality of human existence through overpopulation. The biggest barrier to all this is self righteousness.

Self righteousness is thinking we know enough. Some people do ten Rebirthing sessions and think they know enough. Some people accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and think they know enough. Some people get a PhD or MD and think they know enough. Some people do one training with me and think they know enough. Exposing yourself to the words of the gospel of spiritual purification and mind – body mastery is not even a good beginning. A good beginning means to turn the basic practices into daily habits. After we have done this, the power, understanding, and mastery of Life begins to develop.

It took Babaji – the ultimate teacher – four years to teach me the secrets of spiritual purification. And in my case, this was after many lifetimes of failure. The true secrets are eternal secrets. No matter how many words we use, we cannot give the secrets with language. We can only lead people into the inner realization. Often words are the barrier to revealing the secrets.

All true spiritual initiations are secrets and a million words won’t help until the light flashes in our understanding. And when it does, no words are necessary. One can only know if another knows the secret through intuition, but when one has truly mastered a secret, it shows in our behavior. It is easy to perceive quality in another person – you can feel it. Even when a person has had the initiation and the illumination, the secret will not sustain personal aliveness until the secret is turned into a discipline that is appropriate and balanced.

Although the revelation is personal, it has a tendency to happen more often when there is the proper support of spiritual community. When Rebirth International is a successful worldwide organization with an abundance of one year seminars and a full time RBI training center in every country and state with leaders who embody the truth and the power of full aliveness – of substance and form, then the yoga of everlasting life will become popular. Then the Kingdom of God will be on earth. Then mastery will be available to everyone. Then truth, simplicity, and love will be the popular reality. Then civilization will become the City of God.

But it is so easy to confuse the words for reality. There are wonderful people, leaders of Rebirthing with all the good spiritual knowledge, who are dying of the guru belly syndrome. They know nothing about personal energy management. And they are stuck in self righteousness. They think they know enough. And they give such beautiful support and service to others – even to me. However, they are not willing to do enough training with me or anyone to heal their condition. They are selling death and calling it life because they have half of the Truth. 

My presence is my substance. People cannot learn what I have to offer until they appreciate my substance. But my substance is created and held in the physical universe by my form – not only my physical body, but also my lifestyle and my understanding. My personal substance and form can only be known by spending enough time with me to absorb it and master it or to mirror it as a brother or sister in the Lord. Are you up to it?

I have always had the ability to perceive, acknowledge, and appreciate equals, as well as inferiors and superiors. I serve all of them equally as equal divine beings. I have always operated in my perception of the multiple guru system. A guru worthy of the name is into spiritual liberation, not power games. And we live in a unique time in history when most people are on the edge of spiritual maturity or total destruction. Babaji says over and over that our karma yoga is the secret to pushing people over the edge into spiritual enlightenment.

One of the signs that we are doing the right thing is worldly success, but it has to be worldly success coming from Transcendence and ultimate Peace – success that perpetually focuses on quality. It is ok to create such a system of mutual support in RBI that it will become a very great light in the world. But we perpetually have to put quality first – quality in our substance and quality in our form.


  • Quality looks like friendship.

  • Quality looks like service.

  • Quality looks like loyalty.

  • Quality looks like mutual support.

  • Quality looks like excellence.

  • Quality looks like joyful work.

  • Quality looks like peace and transcendence.

  • Quality looks like spiritual disciplines.


Are you willing to play a high quality game with me? I’m ready! I’m willing to play with you! Joining RBI is a superficial act unless you follow it by having a meaningful relationship to me and my associates on the path. A relationship is just empty infinite space without a form.


Meeting in a specific time and at a specific space is the form which relationships take. Personal one to one appointments is a form. The Rebirthers Convention is a form. Working together in your country or mine is form. Building RBI into a world service organization is a form of relationship. It is fun to create new forms and to use traditional forms and fill them with joy, peace, value, art, and Eternal Energy. Let’s have a high quality relationship!

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