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Self Healing through Breathwork

May 2nd-May 5th


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California 5-day Immersive

Rebirthing Breathwork

Retreat & Training

July 24th- July 29th, 2024

Sierraville, CA


Individual Rebirthing Breathwork sessions via Zoom with Elvi Orr


You will receive individual, guided, therapeutic breathwork sessions, using conscious connected breathing. Give yourself the gift of deep healing. Enjoy the rejuvenating power of the breath in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

We all need to be deeply seen, heard, acknowledged and understood.

Each of us equally deserves support and encouragement. These sessions

allow you to acquire tools and perspectives to best help yourself, access

more of your potential, inner resources and the strength that is inherent in



Fee is flexible to support as many people as possible during these times.

Contact Elvi to book your session or to schedule a free consultation

I'm committed to continuing the beautiful, powerful and important work developed by my late husband Leonard. I'm so grateful and delighted to share this with you!                   
                                  Elvi Orr

Learn Rebirthing Breathwork 

 Inspiration from the founder of Rebirthing Leonard D. Orr

20 Connected Breaths Exercise:
4 short breaths, 1 long breath, 4 times

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