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The Goals of the First Ten Rebirthing Breathwork Sessions

by Leonard Orr, revised 2011

  1. Rebirthing or Conscious Connected Intuitive Breathing is learning to breathe energy (prana) as well as air. To have this ability available to us is the basic, most important goal of the first ten sessions. Ten 2 to 3-hour sessions is the responsible way to teach Rebirthing Breathwork.

  2. Get past physiological drama.

  3. Get past tetany (body cramping).

  4. Get past psychological and emotional drama.

  5. Experience the merging of the inner breath and the outer breath (breathing from the Breath Itself). 

  6. Relive the moment of the first breath and experience releasing the breathing mechanism.

  7. Heal the headwaters of our Life spring – learn the healing power of conscious breathing. 

  8. Have a weekly support group. Realize the importance of spiritual community.

  9. Realize that the Breath is harmless and that the mind can be dangerous. Learn to process the mind with affirmations and emotional response techniques.

  10. Learn Spiritual Purification.

  11. Learn proper nutrition and the importance of vegetarianism.

  12. Follow an exercise system and practice basic breathing exercises like 20 connected breaths and alternate nostril breathing, etc.

  13. Develop the snorkel habit and learn the role of breathing in the bathtub (hot and cold rebirthing).

  14. Realize that the more you have healed your birth trauma, etc., the more and the faster your clients can heal. 

  15. Have an awareness of the 8 biggies of human trauma.

  16. Be familiar with the 6 biggies of spiritual purification: mind (mantra), earth, air, water and fire practices, and love.

  17. Be aware of the spiritual costs of lifestyles and relationships.

  18. Learn to manage emotional energy pollution (EEP) from others, especially in public places.

  19. Be able to breathe for an hour without supervision. 

  20. Become aware of our Natural Divinity.

  21. Become aware of spiritual, mental and physical enlightenment.

  22. Realize that spiritual enlightenment can occur in a five minute span of time, whereas mental enlightenment takes 50 – 100 years and physical enlightenment takes 500 or more years.

  23. Raise Kundalini energy, the Holy Spirit, breathing Divine Energy.

  24. Become familiar with the Physical Immortality philosophy and affirmations, and the Owner’s Manual (by Leonard Orr).

  25. Become familiar with the Rebirthing literature: The Story of Rebirthing Breathwork, Breath Awareness, The Healing Manual, The Healing Power of Birth and Rebirth, now all included in The New Rebirthing Book, by Leonard Orr.

  26. Become familiar with the basics of childbirth education.  

  27. Realize the role of money and prosperity consciousness in our relationship with Breathwork professionals.

  28. Realize that healing yourself always comes first.

  29. Learn to heal the death urge.

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