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Are you ready to come together on a monthly basis to be supported in a like-minded breathwork based community?


The One Year Seminar, via Zoom, offers a monthly opportunity to check-in, attend a monthly workshop with a Rebirthing Breathwork Trainer and connect with another participant each month for a Rebirthing Breathwork trade. * You may join us for the full year, or on a month-to-month basis. 
Since the beginnings of Rebirthing in the 1970s, the One Year Seminar (OYS) has remained a powerful program for community, connection, personal growth and empowerment.

In the One Year Seminar, you will be supported in your process of overcoming the major issues that keep you from living your dream life. The One Year Seminar includes seminars on lifestyle and wisdom teachings from several different traditions to integrate a holistic view and embody practices that will help you walk in your day-to-day life with ease and grace.


Some topics in the OYS include: Healthy lifestyle, conscious living space, breathing to relieve anxiety, using affirmations to create an ideal reality, discovering your enneagram, an introduction to neuroscience and more. 


In the One Year Seminar, you, your fellow participants, and one or more trainers will meet up once a month for a year. During each meeting, you will review the past month and receive support, honest feedback and inspiration from other attendees. You will experience the ‘lightbulb moments’ as the happenings in your life start to make sense, and as you start to see new solutions for your day to day walking in life.


When you attend the One Year Seminars with an open mind and an open heart,  positive changes will occur as you practice and improve on your spiritual purification skills, clean out a lifetime of old baggage and implement these positive changes in your life. Whether you’re a caregiver, healing practitioner, business executive, parent or layperson, the OYS is a great place to be supported and refueled.  

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Dates for 2022: Jan 16th, Feb 20th, Mar 20th, Apr 24th, May 15th, Jun 19th, Jul 17th, Aug 21st, Sep 18th, Oct 16th, Nov 20th, Dec 18th. 


Topics are listed below

Time: 11 am-1:30 pm CST

The One Year Seminar takes place remotely via Zoom

*Prerequisite: Participants will need to have completed a minimum of 10 Rebirthing Breathwork sessions in order to participate in monthly Rebirthing Breathwork trades with other participants. Participants also have the option of receiving breathing sessions from a Rebirthing Breathwork Trainer for an additional fee. (Rebirthing Breathwork International encourages all Rebirthing Breathwork practitioners to be involved in a One Year Seminar on a regular basis.) 


One Year Seminar
~$495 early birds and current students

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Monthly Drop In~$60

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Jan 16th: Laz Jefferson

Human Needs Psychology

Learn your top needs and how they drive your decisions and actions.  Also learn how to discover other’s top needs and how to influence them.

Feb 20th: Kalyani Buckman

The Field of Relating

We are going to look into how relationships are formed in the space and field of energy between people. We are going to explore the relational field and our impact in that space. It is a space where we might not understand or experience our impact on others or on relationships. We are going to explore this field of relating to notice how this field impacts us and how we can impact it.


Mar 20th: Susan Shehata

Exploring Trauma

Susan will walk participants through the physiological, emotional and behavioral processes that occur in relationship to trauma and how to create daily support strategies.


We will discuss:

  • Various types of trauma, including complex, secondary and generational trauma

  • The five main trauma responses (Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn and Flop) and how they manifest biologically and behaviorally

  • How traumatic situations create and shape our core beliefs

  • How to identify and manage trauma triggers


Apr 24th: Aaron Overstreet

The Art of Co-Counseling

Aaron will lead us in an introduction to Re-Evaluation (RC) Counseling, sometimes called Co-Counseling. This valuable counseling  technique helps to refine and deepen our communication skills. It is based on the premise that we are all inherently good, inherently intelligent and have an inherent zest for life. We will explore how discharging our distress can lead us to mental liberation. 


May 15th: Elvi Orr

Supporting Our ‘Life Urge’

Exploring the concepts of ‘life urge’ and ‘death urge’, how they manifest in our lives in obvious and subtle ways, therefore significantly shaping our reality. Discussing habits and practices that allow our natural joyful well-being to shine. 


Jun 19th: Deanna Reiter

The Eight Limbs of Yoga

In the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali, we are given a framework to help us reach enlightenment (a space of total consciousness). This workshop provides us an opportunity to discover the philosophy of yoga and how we can apply it in our lives. We will experience some yoga poses, breathwork and meditation.


Jul 17th: Kalyani Buckman

Expanding Into Your Dreams

In this workshop, we will look into what personal visions and dreams we have for our lives, where we actually are now and how to move our lives closer to that vision.

Aug 21st: Susan Shehata

Home: Creating comfort and safety in your space during uncertain times

We will explore how creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing space supports your overall well-being. Susan discusses the importance of both mindset and organization, with a holistic approach to creating informed and effective systems and processes to benefit everyone in your household.


  • Learn why your mindset matters

  • Identify why your home accumulates clutter

  • Discover the key to effectively re-organizing your space (a.k.a. how to play home tetris)

  • Find out the questions you need to consider when you are sharing space with others


Sep 18th: Aaron Overstreet 

Breath, Prana, Chakras and More

What is Prana and how can we use it for health and wellness? We will explore breathing and visualization techniques to access, cultivate and direct prana. You will learn about the microcosmic orbit, ankh breathing, the chakra system and more. This workshop will be a way to integrate these esoteric concepts into practical everyday practices.


Oct 16th: Laz Jefferson
Values and Rules
When it comes to values, there seem to be many different definitions and perspectives.
Basically values are the motive behind purposeful action. They are the ends to which we act
and come in many forms. In this interactive seminar we will define values as emotions we want
to experience such as love, gratitude, compassion etc. and emotions we don’t want to
experience such as anger, sadness, doubt etc. We will also look at what has to happen in
order to experience the values we want (towards values) and what happens in life that causes
us to experience the emotions we don’t want to experience (away values).
We’ll each take a look at what has been running us in the background and investigate how we
can easily change the order of what is important to experience and the rules we have been
living with that often make it hard to feel good and easy to feel bad.
After this seminar you will have a new perspective of how you can be the cause of feeling great
and how not to live at the effect of the world in feeling bad.
Nov 20th: Elvi Orr
Lessons Learned Through Leonard Orr's Example 
Spending lots of time around a master teacher allows for absorption of wisdom and learnings from direct experience. What were the most impactful lessons that Leonard taught through his example? Celebrating Leonard on his birthday month!  
Dec 18th: Deanna Reiter

Breathing Exercises to Navigate any Situation 

Which breathing techniques are the most beneficial and why? Let’s explore how we can decrease anxiety, get energized, improve our mood and more!