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Online seminar via Zoom; open to all

Sunday, April 21st;11am-1:30pm CST


Human Needs


with Laz Jefferson


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$60 per seminar

This Sunday, Laz will be talking about human needs. It's a fascinating topic that touches each and every one of us very closely. Amazingly, even when we have done years and years of inner work, there are still blind spots that we miss about ourselves, motivations that are hard to understand, behaviors that are challenging to shift and internal conflicts difficult to untangle. It is always helpful to take another look at human needs as an opening to more clarity, better understanding and a sense of empowerment. 

Here is more about this seminar's topic:

We all have emotions we would like to experience on a regular basis and emotions we would rather avoid feeling. Our stronger desires could be called needs. We have basic needs for shelter and safety. We have higher needs for love and connection, making a difference in the world and contributing to society in some way.

We often create unconscious rules for what has to happen in order for us to fulfill a need or experience an emotion. We also attempt to avoid emotions we don't want to experience. The irony is that too often, we make it rather difficult to experience positive emotions on a regular basis and at the same time make it considerably easy to feel bad about ourselves or our circumstances. 
In this Sunday's seminar, Laz will take us on an interactive journey to uncover what needs we are trying to meet through our positive emotions and what emotions we want to avoid feeling on a regular basis.

Have you unconsciously set yourself up for a difficult time in feeling good and easily feel bad? Learn how to put yourself in the driver’s seat of living a life of cause rather than living at the effect of chasing and avoiding feelings.


Are you ready to come together on a monthly basis to be supported in a like-minded breathwork based community?


The One Year Seminar, via Zoom, offers a monthly opportunity to check-in, attend a monthly workshop with a Rebirthing Breathwork Trainer and connect with another participant each month for a Rebirthing Breathwork trade. * You may join us for the full year, or on a month-to-month basis. 


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Online Meeting

Since the beginnings of Rebirthing in the 1970s, the One Year Seminar (OYS) has remained a powerful program for community, connection, personal growth and empowerment. In the One Year Seminar, you will be supported in your process of overcoming the major issues that keep you from living your dream life. The One Year Seminar includes seminars on lifestyle and wisdom teachings from several different traditions to integrate a holistic view and embody practices that will help you walk in your day-to-day life with ease and grace. , your fellow participants, and one or more trainers will meet up once a month for a year. During each meeting, you will review the past month and receive support, honest feedback and inspiration from other attendees. You will experience the ‘lightbulb moments’ as the happenings in your life start to make sense, and as you start to see new solutions for your day to day walking in life.


When you attend the One Year Seminars with an open mind and an open heart,  positive changes will occur as you practice and improve on your spiritual purification skills, clean out a lifetime of old baggage and implement these positive changes in your life. Whether you’re a caregiver, healing practitioner, business executive, parent or layperson, the OYS is a great place to be supported and refueled.  

Next seminars in 2024:
More seminar topics and presenters will be added soon!

Time: 11 am-1:30 pm CST
The One Year Seminar takes place remotely via Zoom

* If in addition to attending the OYS lecture/seminar presented by a trainer, you would like to participate in Rebirthing session trades: Participants will need to have completed a minimum of 10 Rebirthing Breathwork sessions in order to participate in monthly Rebirthing Breathwork trades with other participants.
Participants also have the option of receiving breathing sessions from a Rebirthing Breathwork Trainer for an additional fee.

(Rebirthing Breathwork International encourages all Rebirthing Breathwork practitioners to be involved in a One Year Seminar on a regular basis.) 


One Year Seminar
~$495 early birds and current students

To register:

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Monthly Drop In~$60

To register:

Step one: Submit this Form

Step two: Pay via Paypal through button below

Registration is only complete after both steps

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We look forward to seeing you in the One Year Seminar!
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