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The Peace of God Plus

by Leonard Orr

After we have mastered the basic practices with the 5 elements thoroughly enough so that the Peace of God becomes our normal state (which may take ten years of practice – more or less), there is nothing else to do with our life, but to think about philosophy, to create and evolve philosophies about everything, to write them, discuss them, and experiment with our great ideas. The mind has an infinite, eternal hunger for great ideas. And there is nothing to do but play, to enjoy life, to make money. 

Beyond peace, life is a matter of artistic expression. When we enter the peace of God, we also enter the realm of co-creatorship, which is the life of God as artistic expression. In this realm there is no need, no urgency, no demands, and no stress or pressure. There is only freedom, joy, satisfaction, and goodness. Evil and crime are left behind. We can have the peace of God plus happiness, abundance, self expression, loving relationships, spiritual community. We can give and receive love, enjoy being supported by God. We are living in the Transcendent State beyond the Mind and freely choose, control, and manage our thoughts and our manifestations. This is our job as God’s children.

Anyone can taste this Peace of God Plus in meditation at anytime. As we return to it and heal our emotional mind, our mortal mind, our mastery expands and gets richer and more effortless. These are the rewards of being a spiritual seeker and pursuing spiritual growth. These are the normal rewards of practicing spiritual purification with earth, air, water and fire, practicing meditation, and going for healing. This is what the yoga of Babaji is all about.


  • Babaji’s Presence and assistance is always available.

  • Babaji is our big brother in the sky.

  • Babaji is our nourishing big sister.

  • Babaji is the Mother – Father God.

  • Babaji is always willing to serve us more than we are willing to serve Him.

  • Babaji is the Source Who is always with us and in us.

  • Babaji is always supporting the Eternal Renewal of our minds and bodies.

  • Babaji is The Ancient One Who is Ever Young.

  • Babaji is The Ever One – Within and Without us!

  • Babaji is present through death and reincarnation, even heaven and hell if we don’t achieve mastery.

  • Babaji is The Infinite Healer!

  • Babaji is Forever Available!


Magically stimulating our spiritual evolution and the ascension and perfection of the world – His baby universe. To be a master is to celebrate our relationship to this personal God and to respect, enjoy, communicate with, and celebrate the natural Divinity of Every Person. Beyond the Peace of God or Included in it is The Eternal enjoyment of our Individual Expression of our own natural Divinity and the unique individual expression supplied by Everyone else in all Creation. Mantra yoga, soaking and breathing in the bath twice per day, enjoying fire purification or the fire ceremony everyday, having a veggie diet, fasting regularly, getting enough exercise, and maintaining loving relationships is a direct route to the Peace of God, staying there, and Plus.

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