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Rebirthing Breathwork Online Workshop

A Rebirthing Breathwork session feels like
coming home to yourself!

Saturday, January 27th, 10am-5pm US Central Time,

on Zoom, $225 

An experiential workshop that allows you to relax into the healing power of your breath. 

Each participant receives an individual guided Rebirthing Breathwork session with an experienced practitioner/ trainer. 


You will learn about the history of Rebirthing Breathwork, what a breathwork session is like and the healing benefits of this powerful practice.


The breath meets you where you are.

People often experience in their Rebirthing Breathwork session:


Deep relaxation and a release of tension

Release of stored emotions

Calming of the mind

Better, deeper breathing and oxygenation

Deeper connection with yourself

Coming back to your center, connecting with your essence

Mental and psychological insights and inspiration

Clearing of the energy field

A sense of expansion







Join us for a beautiful experience of healing, connection and discovery through the breath!

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