the healing
breath that sets you free

peace           healing          integration


Breathe out stress, tension, drama and trauma

into relaxation and peace.

Relaxed, gentle, connected breathing is the key.

Honoring the life's work of the founder

Leonard D. Orr


Rebirthing Breathwork International, a team of direct students trained by Leonard D. Orr, 

presents experiential, therapeutic and professional Rebirthing Breathwork trainings, seminars and sessions. 

Explore this beautiful healing modality:

learn about the numerous healing benefits of breathwork 

schedule an individual breathwork session

read articles written by Leonard D. Orr about breathwork

and other practices for personal healing and growth











Breathe with Leonard! 4 short breaths and 1 long X 4

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Conscious Energy Breathing is the most natural

healing ability of all.

Most Rebirthing Breathwork sessions are physical, emotional, and spiritual.

We can relax out of any kind of intense emotion or physical sensation

when we have this simple powerful skill of Conscious Breathing.